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Vision Statement

Between July 2002 and December 2003 a number of established CSIRTs from the European CSIRT community received funding through the 5th Framework to run a trial project. This project was called eCSIRT.net and focused on the deployment of new techniques and practices that would satisfy the basic and existential need of incident response teams (CERTs or CSIRTs) to much more efficiently cooperate and exchange incident related data, and to collect shared data for statistical and knowledge-base purposes. Part of the project was devoted to set up a network of IDS sensors across Europe and collect the data about attacks for further analysis.

After the project ended, some teams decided to continue the then established sensor network across Europe, which provides data since September 2003.

The co-operation of the volunteering teams providing the infrastructure support as well as the teams supporting the network by running IDS sensors in their area of interest is still based on the same policy and procedural framework, protecting the interest of all participating teams.



In addition to running the IDS sensor network and it's supporting infrastructure, the maintenance of some interesting - and otherwise not readily available - web documents is provided by volunteers.

In addition the original web site containing all deliveries of the official EU funded project is provided here as well as the final report:



Some tools are used that together build the infrastructure for gathering and processing the data collected. The bootable CD-ROM image, that provides the baseline for everything - as it is so easy to roll out just another new sensor - is instrumental for the overall success.

As the participation in this effort is somewhat restricted to CSIRTs that have demonstrated best practices and are actively in the community, we have choosen to only make the documentations available here for now for immediate and public access:


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If you are interested about specific aspects of our project, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending email to ecsirt@pre-secure.com.



The "eCSIRT.net - European CSIRT Network" was funded by the Commission of the European Community as IST-2001-37558.

The volunteers that continue to provide this service are especially thankful for all project partners and liaisions that made the project a success and a great learning experience for all involved.


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